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We work to make your childbirth experience one of comfort, joy and love. We offer comprehensive, research-based, family-focused care to support you and your baby from pregnancy through infancy and beyond.

Choosing a maternity center is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. Among the many comforting reasons to have your baby at Medic Medical is knowing he or she will be cared for at one of the leading facilities for newborns–all in a safe, family-friendly environment.

Always at the forefront of maternal-fetal medicine and pediatrics, we provide leading-edge, routine and specialized maternity services to carry you and your baby from conception through childhood.

How We Care for Moms and Babies

From prenatal genetic testing and diagnostic imaging to childbirth, parenting, fitness and breastfeeding classes, our experienced maternity team provides compassionate care and comprehensive services for moms, babies and families of all shapes and sizes.
Prenatal Testing

A variety of routine and specialized tests are often scheduled throughout pregnancy. From genetic screening to targeted ultrasounds, our team offers the most technologically-advanced testing.

Maternal Special Care Unit
Maternal-Fetal Medicine for High-Risk Pregnancies
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Dr. Anna Carter

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  • Dr. Anna Carter
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